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Morton Credit Union offers a wide variety of services for our members. We have all the services you normally expect:

Savings, Checking, Christmas Club, Share Certificates and Money Management Accounts to name a few. We also have Loans….any type, for any reason New and Used Vehicles, Bill Consolidation, Vacation, Christmas, loans for Auto Repairs, Travel Trailers, Boats, motors and trailers. We offer Share Secured Loans, and Overdraft Protection Loans. These are the services most people are familiar with, but we have many more services that you may not know about. We have Online Bill Pay, Payroll deduction, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers, and Debit Cards. Morton Staff can give you a quote on New or Used Vehicles, notarize documents for free, make copies, sell stamps and drop off your mail. We have an After Hour Depository for your convenience, and the service that our members comment most about …is how fast and friendly we are. If you need a service not listed just ask, we’re here for you.

Let us help with any financial needs your family might encounter.


Your savings can build in many ways here at Morton Credit Union. Every member starts with a basic savings account to begin their relationship with us. Visit with us to determine the best accounts for your future plans. We offer debit cards with your checking account to help make purchases quick and easy. We want to help you build a solid future with solid financial products and services right here at Morton Credit Union.


To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We will also ask to copy your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

When you open a new account, have the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Other Identifying Documents


Loans are one of the many ways we help our members, so if you need a loan Morton Credit Union is the place to come. We make many different types of loans for many different purposes. Vehicles, new or used, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, auto repair, bill consolidation, vacation or Christmas. We have Overdraft Protection loans in case you have an unexpected “surprise” in your checkbook. Your Share account can also secure your loan if needed. There is no penalty for prepayment on loans, which means more savings for you because less interest is accrued during the life of the loan. You can fill out a loan application in person and visit with us about any questions you may have, or you can fill out the Loan Application on our website under Forms. Mail it, fax it or bring it with you to speed up the process.

We also offer an Online Loan Application

So stop on by, find out what type of loan works best for you.

Checking/Debit Card Fees

Fee Schedule – Effective 3/13/2015 – All fees subject to change without notice

Check Cashing:
Members will be eligible for free check cashing when they: 1. Have a total savings balance of $100 or greater OR 2. Have other active accounts (checking, IRA, loan, Certificates). Members not meeting the above may be subject to a check cashing fee at the rate of $1.00 per hundred to cash any check or withdrawal of their entire direct deposit. Minimum charge is $1.00. No two party checks will be cashed unless there are sufficient funds in your account to cover them. Service fee on checks cashed or deposited that have been returned for any reason: $1.00 – $500 = $10 Fee, $501 and above = $15 Fee. We reserve right to not redeposit the check.
Miscellaneous Checking Information:
Your account may be forced closed after 3 instances of overdrafts or returned items. Service fees are withdrawn on the last day of the month. If an EAC account is closed by the member or the Credit Union, any outstanding checks from that date are returned and if a fee is accessed by our depositor then that fee will be passed to the pertaining member. Credit applications are required for all checking lines of credit or overdraft protection and may be requested for approval of an expandacheck account. A fee may be required. No services fees for full time students and members 65 and older.

Expandachek (Checking) Fees:

Service Chg (Balance below $300 min. / mo.)

$ 5.00 / mo

Fee per check


Draft Printing


Overdraft (each debit or draft paid)

$ 25.00

Non-sufficient funds item (each return item)

$ 25.00

Copy of Draft

$ 3.00 / check

Lookup on draft

$ 2.00 / check

Overdraft Share Transfer

$ 2.00 / trans

Overdraft Protection – Loan Transfer


Reorder checks without reorder form

$ 3.00

Debit Card Fees:

ATM Transactions (over 5)

$ 0.50 / each

ATM Replacement Card or PIN

$ 5.00

POS Transactions


Charge Back Fee (per chargeback)

$ 15.00

ATM Transactions (first 5 monthly)


(NOTE: Transaction = withdrawal, transfer or balance inquiry)

Convenience Fees

Fee Schedule: Effective 01/01/2018 – All fees subject to change without notice.

Cashier’s Check

$ 2.00

Money Order

$ 1.00

Dormant Acct Fee (No member activity in 1 yr-Reg Shares only)

$ 30.00 / yr

Garnishments / Levies

$ 20.00

Acct Research – Acct balancing assistance (1 hr min.)

$ 10.00 / hr

Stop Payments (All items)

$ 15.00

Loan Processing Fee

$ 50.00

Photocopies (1st page free)

$ 0.10 / page


$ 1.00

Account activity Printout

$ 1.00 /page

Duplicate Statement copy

$ 2.00 / page

Premature X-Mas acct withdrawal

$ 10.00

Close acct within 6 mo of opening-processing fee

$ 25.00

Excessive Share Acct withdrawals (first five free / mon)

$ 1.00

Reopen of closed accounts – after 6 mo – only with approval

Forms & Disclosures

Disclosures provide members with the information that outlines the legal relationship between member and credit union. Disclosures explain how a service is set up to work and how it is governed according to regulations. We will give you our Disclosures when you open an account with us. We have provided Disclosures on our website that you may print off at any time. These Disclosures contain the most current information available and are updated whenever any laws or regulations are changed. If you want to know how many withdrawals can be initiated online each month, how electronic transfers are structured, or how long we will hold funds on your deposit, you will find the answers in the Disclosures. Of course you can always call the office or email us and we will be happy to discuss all about Disclosures with you.

Disclosures included are Terms & Conditions, Truth-In-Savings, Electronic Fund Transfers, Ability to Withdraw, E-Statement and Privacy Notice.
One Disclosure that merits special mention is our Privacy Notice. We take your privacy very seriously and you will find a link to that notice in the bottom corner of each page of our website. We want you to be informed and comfortable with all the rules that govern our relationship with you, please contact us if you have any questions.

We have a variety of forms necessary to conduct our business relationship with our members. Checking/Savings application, debit card application, membership application, loan application, change of address form and E-statement authorization form are available to you. Just print and fill out the form for your situation and then mail it, fax it or bring it in for speedy service.

If you need assistance in completing one of the forms just give us a call, we will be happy to help.

Member Application

Loan Application

Change of Address

E-STMT Authorization


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